Canon EOS R5 Camera Rumors, Specs, And More

Numerous rumors regarding the Canon EOS R5 have recently surfaced on the web, as well as some fresh speculations about the entry-level Canon apparatus known as the EOS R6.

According to Canon Rumors​, the EOS R6 will be released this year, featuring a 20MP full-frame sensor and in-body image stabilization. The apparent leak claims that the device will be revealed in May, before being launched in June.

That would mean that it will be announced much later than the EOS R5, which is expected to be unveiled in February, before the CP+ camera show.

If the rumors prove to be correct, the EOS R6 is going to be a cheaper substitute to the R5, because aside from its lower resolution sensor, it will also support 4K and 60p video, instead of the speculated 8K raw mode of the R5. The EOS R6 will allegedly be able to capture at 12fps with its mechanical shutter, or 20fps with the electronic shutter.

More details about the Canon EOS R5 camera

What is still not clear is where precisely an EOS R6 would be placed in Canon’s full-frame series. Previous rumors claimed that the company would be releasing four cameras of this type in 2020, with the R6 being the third of these, following the already revealed Canon 1DX Mark III and speculated Canon EOS R5.

The Canon EOS R5 would definitely be the pro-friendly, high-resolution version in the mirrorless series.​ The EOS R6 might, therefore, be the entry-level, full-frame mirrorless version for hobbyists, such as the Canon EOS RP. The move would be logical then, as the EOS RP is the mirrorless alternative of the company’s 6D Mark II DSLR.

With that being said, the 20MP sensor, which could, most likely, be the same as the one in the 1DX Mark III, and the incorporation of IBIS has its role and intended customer not so clear. The camera could also be a low-light maestro similar to the 12MP Sony A7S II.

There is still a lot of time until the Canon EOS M5 will be announced, so the picture should get clearer as we approach its possible release day in May of this year.

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