Buddy up event implemented by Pokemon Go will be available to play inside

Even though the social distancing measures are limiting many daily activities, Pokemon Go makes an exception to this rule. The company is still bringing new events for its fans to enjoy during isolation. The latest event is “Buddy Up,” which announced the future updates of the game.

During this event, Pokemon Vollbeat and Pokemon Illumise are available at the same time for all the regions. The region-exclusive modes will enable their users to find the most impressive versions of these bug-types.

Several Pokemons will appear more frequently in the wild. The walking distance is going to be less than half than it should typically be. Therefore, getting buddy candies and hearts will be less time consuming, creating a more user-friendly experience.

In addition to this, the buddy Pokemon will be able to double its gifts when given extra incentives. For example, if you feed your buddy Poffins or Berries, you will be able to join a map for twice as much time as usual. Moreover, when evolving your buddy, the amount of received XP will be twice as significant. Therefore, this event is the perfect chance to win as much XP as possible and level up easier and faster.

Eevee needs 25 candies to evolve. Since most of the users already have hundreds of sweets, this proves an effective way of advancing and receiving higher levels. If you run out of Eevees, there is still plenty of time to earn as many as possible. The event is scheduled to start on the 21st of April and the last day will be on the 27th of April.

All the terms and conditions, as well as the policy and the opportunities, are available for users to check on the official page of the event. The essential part of nailing this event is reviewing all the requirements for raiding from home.

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