Bubble Witch 3 Saga 6.14.9 Update Brings New Levels

Many smartphone owners love to play games on their device since it’s a quick way to enjoy some fun while traveling towards a point of interest or to relax during a short break.

Made by the brilliant minds behind the world-famous Candy Crush Saga, Diamond Hero Saga, and Farm Heroes Saga, Bubble Witch Saga offers a fun yet casual gameplay experience in the form of a colorful bubble shooting puzzle game where you have to remove all the bubbles to complete the challenge.

Awesome gameplay

Join Stella, Nero, and Violet on an exciting adventure as you attempt to bring balance to the realms. Take advantage of the guidance line and shoot bubbles right where you want them to create powerful combos and break the puzzles. Magical precision is at your side!

Tackle an exciting array of interesting puzzles, with some being easy to complete while others will put your skills to the test. Complete the puzzles to free captured spirits and animals and track down the Fairy Queen along the adventure, with fresh puzzles arriving every week.

Great features

In some cases, you may need a bit of help to solve some puzzles. Harness fantastic magic and power-ups to handle extra-hard puzzles and keep Wilbur Away! Magic Dust can be collected from finished levels and used to rebuild Stella’s house and purchase fun and interesting customizations that will add a bit of personal flair.

Enjoy several game modes that will offer new and exciting ways to enjoy the game while taking a break from the classic gameplay experience. Special boosters can be uncovered and used to gain an edge, and a smart sync protocol will ensure that you can play the game across a large selection of devices without losing your progress.

The 6.14.9 update comes with new puzzles and performance improvements.


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