Brawl Stars – How To Fix Connection Issues

Brawl Stars is one of the most popular games for smartphones of all time. It registered millions of active players as it offers joyful and addictive gameplay.

The game mostly works as it should, but, like any app, it has some occasional mishaps – one of the most popular ones being connection problems.

The Issues

Some Brawl Stars players occasionally report connection problems. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that you can do about them.

An unstable or slow internet connection most likely causes the problem, so the best solution to that is to play in a place where you have stable internet signal or use an Android emulator on a PC that is connected to a stable and reliable network.

Reasons For The Problem

There are numerous reasons why the connection issues manifest – Being too far away from the router is the most common.

When that happens, check your Wi-Fi connection. If you see that it’s close to its lowest and gameplay is floppy, move closer to the router or switch to mobile data if you have enough traffic left.

If you are close to the router, but the problem still manifests, you should consider lowering the traffic on your local network – If a computer is downloading a game or movie, maybe try to pause the download while you play. Alternatively, you can remove unnecessary internet connections.

On some occasions, the problems are provoked by the game’s servers. However, it usually isn’t the case.

If you believe that it might be the case, try a down detector that reports the game’s servers’ status.

Though the solutions are rather basic, that’s all we have. There’s nothing else you can do, unfortunately.

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