Brave Browser Update 1.13.87 Adds New Feature

Privacy is more important than ever, especially since the modern internet requires a lot of user accounts and passwords that can be sold for generous revenue on the black market. One way to remain safe and protected is to use a reliable browser on your smartphone.

Developed by the same company behind the popular Brave internet browser for desktops and laptops, the smartphone version comes with excellent safety, security, and convenience features that make internet browsing a pleasant experience without the need to worry about the privacy of your data.


With Brave, there is no need to waste time to download external plugins or look for a tutorial to customize the settings according to your needs. Built-in features ensure that all you need is already available and ready to use at all times.

Dodge annoying ads with the help of a built-in ad blocker that is able to handle any kind of ads, including pop-up ones. The ad blocker will also automatically block any trackers that attempt to observe your web activity as well as suspicious activities that attempt to inject malware into your device.

Enhanced privacy

Advanced privacy and security functionalities will ensure that your device is secure at all times. HTTPS Everywhere will encrypt your data automatically even on sites that don’t use the HTTPS standards so you can access or use them without being exposed to dangerous security risks.

There are also lots of small features that make the app better. Thanks to its robust code, the browser can load and display content up to 4 times faster in comparison to alternative solutions, boosting the overall battery life of your device while also saving an important amount of mobile data. You can also use a dedicated and safe search engine or pick your favorite.

The 1.13.87 update comes with a reworked sync system to improve performance on all compatible platforms.

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