Blood Thinners Could Be Used In Severe Coronavirus Cases

A new study elaborated by a team of researchers argues that blood thinners could combat the most severe symptoms associated with coronavirus: the formation of blood clots and low levels of oxygen in the blood.

It was also mentioned that anticoagulants could be linked to better outcomes among patients who were hospitalized due to COVID-19. The drugs could increase the survival rate by up to 50%. The rate is even higher among patients who were already intubated, reaching up to 130%.

The team of researchers who conducted the study also works at a NY hospital, which has handled more than2,700 cases since the pandemic started. Some of the patients received anticoagulation drugs from March onwards, and the team decided to monitor the reaction of the patients.

Blood thinners and severe coronavirus cases

It appears that the treatment has been quite useful as only 29% of the patients on ventilators who received blood thinners died in comparison to up to 63% of the patients on ventilators who did not receive the additional drugs.

A large number of patients that have an increased number of blood clots have been observed, with some being especially visible around the feet. The scientists thought that anticoagulants might have positive effects, and there were some previous claims, but the powerful effect was surprising.

New studies that took place in the Netherlands and France have uncovered the fact that up to 33% of patients who develop severe symptoms are also affected by pulmonary embolisms as blood clots reach the lung and block the arteries.

Future research will take place as the team wants to study a more significant number of patients and to monitor the effectivity of three types of drugs that can prevent the formation of blood clots. A randomized clinical trial may also take place. As for now, researchers believe that blood thinners can be used in severe coronavirus cases.

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