Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus Update New Convenience Feature

The internet is home to an impressive amount of information and a handy tool that enables our smartphones and other connected devices to perform a vast number of helpful tasks in a fast and convenient way.

However, it is also far from being safe, as there are many malicious organizations and groups who lurk in the shadows and are looking forward to the opportunity to gain access to sensitive information with the help of scams and sophisticated malware that is able to turn an infected device into an access point for malevolent attackers.

Smart security

Bitdefender is one of the most popular cybersecurity apps for Android, and it has received three consecutive prizes, being named the best Android Security Product in 2015,2016 and 2017. The app comes with a large selection of handy features, including a powerful VPN solution that offers 200MB of traffic per day, enough to complete secure payments.

Thanks to top-of-the-line security analysis and detection systems, the app can scan your device and discover any potential threats thanks to an impressive 100% detection rate. The Malware Scanner receives daily updates which ensure that any threats can be identified as soon as they appear.

Robust security features

A smart Autopilot feature will offer security tips and options at a glance, so you can rest assured that the device is self at all times. Keep sensitive apps and files securely with the help of a dedicated app lock that comes with a PIN code.

Data breaches can take place quite often, exposing sensitive data on the dark web. A free account privacy feature will sync your accounts and warn you if they have been breached, so you can change the password quickly and secure them before it is too late. Thanks to a smart extension, users can also secure select smartwatch models with a few taps.

The update comes with the ability to see the number of scans made by the app and includes stability and performance improvements.

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