Best Tamagotchi Alternatives Available on Smartphones

The Tamagotchi alternatives are the best games that an animal lover could play. The broad public appreciates these apps because they offer their users a real-life experience of how to manage your daily activities when you have a pet.

If you do not have enough money, space, or you are allergic to animals, the Tamagotchi games could be the best response to your needs. Your favorite pet can be one-download away on these tested apps available for you. Therefore, here are the following must-have Tamagotchi apps!

Best Tamagotchi Alternatives Available on Smartphones


The most appreciated app is the Moy-Pac-Man spirit as a digital pet. The youngsters commonly use it because of its child-friendly appearance. The app is easy to use for those speaking English, having only one language displayed.

There is no need to have any advanced knowledge since the communication is minimal, and there are hardly any instructions that you need to follow. The purpose of the game is to watch the intro and then assign a name to your Moy.

Then, all you need to do is keeping it satisfied and fulfilled and maintain its well being. The most intriguing thing about this is that there is an abundance of mini-games integrated into the game.


Another new application is Hellopet — the pet for your smartphone’s display. The intriguing part about this game is that after you guarantee access to the app, the play will be displayed all the time on your home screen. In addition to this, users can choose between real animals such as cats or dogs and give them a name.

A small room is displayed for the users to meet their pet’s basic needs, and sometimes the animal can give you some tips about what it would like to have more. The application provides you the possibility to access the chat area and play with your animal in the mini-game section. The most exciting part is that after leaving the game, the pet can still be seen on the screen after closing the app.


If you prefer a more old-school Tamaghotchi-like game, then Wildagotchi is the one for you! This app provides the same feeling as the real deal, so it is one of the best Tamagotchi alternatives for Android and iOS. Just like the original game, you will have to feed your pet, keep it joyful, and so on.

And, in the end, here you have them, the best Tamagotchi alternatives for mobile devices!

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