Best Clash Of Clans Tips to Get Free Gems

Clash of Clans is among the most popular strategy mobile games in the world. The title rewards players with gems that can be used in different ways and are a great addition to the in-game wallet.​
One can acquire the gems by completing various challenging tasks, but we know of a legal way to get them for free. You need the gems to design buildings and accelerate production.

How To Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans

Remove Obstacles

Plants and rocks in the village are the main obstacles that have to be removed in order to get easy gems. There are approximately 40 items around when you start the game; however, if you remove 500 of them, you get a total of 20 gems.

The trick here is to leave the space with plants alone, after cutting them so that they will regrow. By removing them again and again, you get rewarded with gems. Clearing five different obstacles will earn you five gems, while removing 50 items, will get you ten gems.

Use Them Properly

When the game starts, you get 500 gems, out of which you sped 250 for the tutorial. Unfortunately, you cannot skip the tutorial to save the 250 gems, but you can use the remaining ones on a Builder’s Hut.

Never use them to speed the production of various items, nor buy resources with them. Try to invest them in the Builder’s Hut ​as it is the only worthy investment you can do.

Join Events in Clash of Clans

The game hosts ​special events every week, which have a gem range from 30 to 100. You only need to lead three attacks with the troops assigned for the event and win the combat. Often, the troops are even offered for training with great discounts; therefore, it is a fantastic opportunity to earn more gems.

Complete Achievements

When you reach a particular goal, Clash of Clans offers you an achievement, such as the possibility to upgrade buildings, win battles, and collect gold. Completing these achievements bring you rewards in gems; the more difficult the task is, the more gems you get.

You can get up to 8,637 gems if you manage to complete all the achievements available, the most valuable being those in which you fight with other players.

Gem Box

Gem Boxes appear at times, usually once a week. These boxes come with 25 gems which can be received by clearing them, in a window period of 48 hours.

The Bottom Lines

Clash of Clans is, without a doubt, the best strategy game out there. Even though numerous other strategy titles launched after the game was released back in 2012, it is still occupying the top rank for the most played and love strategy game.

All the tips we offered you in the post should help you get free gems, using legal and game-approved methods, but without having to hassle and complete every survey, the game throws at you. If you find these tips helpful, don’t forget to share them with your friends. Have other tips like those? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section.

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