Best Android Spy Apps To Follow Whoever You Want

Have you ever felt the need to track a person’s mobile phone? There are some Android spy apps to help you. It might sound a bit strange, but people do want to this sometimes for different reasons. Let’s have a look at some of these possible reasons.

Why Would You Use Such Applications?

Do you think your partner is cheating on you? Some people feel the need to track their lover’s smartphone. Do you think your child is in a dangerous situation because of cyber-bullying or navigates the internet for inappropriate reasons? Are you wondering whether your employees are betraying the company by trading confidential information?

The truth is that some people do. That’s why we have come out with the best five phone tracker apps that you can use. Without further ado, let’s get into details.

Best Android Spy Apps To Follow Whoever You Want


If you never heard of Spyier, this is one of the most popular phone tracking apps. The app offers discreet features that make it perfect for spying. This is not a new app; it has been around for many years; all the more reasons to trust it. Just to help you get the picture of how big Spyier is, we are going to put this organization next to BBC, Forbes, and also WSJ. Yes, it is trendy and available in more than 190 countries.

You can use this app to track any iOS and Android smartphones. The app is straightforward to use, it has a friendly interface, so you won’t have problems setting up your plan. Spyier offers the users more than 35 features, so you have plenty to explore.


The next app is called Minspy, and it’s one of the best Android spy apps out there. This app is used mostly by parents who want to keep an eye on their kids; however, it can be used for different motives as well. Minspy comes with features that will help you track your parter’s mobile phone.

Same as the Spyier, Minspy allows you to track iOS and Android devices. The reason why people opt for this app is because of its key features. You can track phone calls, SMS, social media, and you get geo-fence alerts.


Another excellent phone tracker app is Spyine. This app has an outstanding feature that hides your identity. That means that the person you are tracking won’t find out. You can check out your family, friends, or employees’ online activities very discreetly.

The unique feature of Spyine is the keylogger functionality. You can grab ahold on all keystrokes used on the targeted smartphone. Next, you can use these key combinations to see into any social account. This is an easy way to find out whether your lover is loyal or not.


Spyic has been around for a very long time. This app wears a sneaky medal, being 100 percent stealthy. If you want your chances to get caught to go down to zero, use this app.

The thing about this app is that it is making all real-time data from the targeted smartphone available within its online dashboard. The great system of Spyic, make the app to operate undetected.


Cocospy, is the last phone tracker app on our list. However, this app is the top app used for parental control. Same as Spyic and Spyier, the app has been around for a decade already. This app works smoothly on iOS and Android devices, so use it with trust.

It also comes with a great set of features waiting to be explored. Cocospy gives you access to the complete call and SMS history. You can check out the social media usage and website history. Plus, your identity will remain a secret, something that makes Cocospy one of the best Android spy apps.

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