Benefits Of Online Communication During The Current Social Distancing Period

We’re constrained to redefine the sense of communication. Isolated at our homes, we can be either alone or stuck with our family members. Be sure that neither of the two possibilities is way better than the other. Online communication helps us a lot during the current social distancing period.

Pros and cons

They both have ups and downs, and that makes the grass from our neighbor courtyard to look greener. It isn’t. It’s just that you have the chance to see the bright side of it. Everything we don’t have is more appealing than what we do have.

And that’s only because we can focus on the bright side of it. The distance makes it possible. It’s just like with our sight. The further an object is, the less detail we see. And what we don’t see (like, let’s say a flaw) might as well not exist.

It is the same with remote communication. It feels frustrating having to communicate only via our phone and computer. We want the real deal. Well, buddy, texting, calls, and video calls will just have to do it! And they can do it if you change your perspective and start finding joy living in your garden. And there are plenty of reasons for happiness.

Remote communication means you don’t have to play nice anymore and pay attention to all the dull things people have to say. You can only engage in conversations you find meaningful or fun. And you can do it only when you feel like it. So, this could be both liberating and empowering.

Online communication during social distancing

Online communication gives you space to think before you act. When you’re texting, you can also change your mind and take bake the words you wrote before sending them. You can answer whenever you feel like answering because you don’t have to open the message the instant you received it.

Unlike face to face communication when you have to do it even if you don’t feel like doing it. This can prove to be helpful in better understanding yourself and your boundaries—the ones you never gave yourself the chance to find.

Maintain your privacy and be careful, though

You don’t necessarily have to take the shallow way. While there are people that limit their posts to bad jokes or stupid comments, you can protect yourself from them. It’s not like you are on the sidewalk, and you have to pass by them.

You can unfriend them an choose who are the other pedestrians that populate your sidewalk. Yeah, maybe this is the time to clean your friends’ list on Facebook and Instagram.

Some say that online communication makes it easier for people to pretend they are something they aren’t. But who’s to say that those same people will be authentic in a close encounter? They won’t. What we are doesn’t change just because we’re using a smartphone to reveal ourselves. If we are true to ourselves, it might even feel more comfortable to affirm it from a distance. Also, chatting helps us go through the social distancing period.

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