Battlefield V Will Get Its Last Update In Summer

DICE and EA have announced their intention of bringing one last series of updates for Battlefield V. the developers have stated during an interview for Rock Paper Shotgun that the recent upgrade for the game’s WWII shooter is scheduled to arrive sometime this summer.

The gaming experience proposed by the latest update

The latest update that was launched by the developers features a Pacific-themed “Into the Jungle” concept. The company is highly renowned for its seasonal updates and new features that are offered to their fans.

The upcoming features in Battlefield V

No explicit declaration regarding the new features that are going to be added to the storyline has been made. What we know until now is that the game will feature a Libya map, as well as a broader range of “game tweaks” and weapons.

Their next approach is to switch the gaming experience to a weekly series of events and activities that users will be able to try out. The officials have declared that the weekly activities will offer the users the chance to unlock prizes that were available during their seasonal updates. These items were limited edition items that, at the moment, cannot be purchased.

Release date

The last update is scheduled to be implemented in June. However, the companies have warned that the ongoing pandemic, which made all the employees work from home, might affect their project. They may be forced to postpone the release.


Consequently, one thing is clear. Whenever the upgrade is available for download, the developers are bringing the end of significant development for EA. Battlefield V served as an experiment for the two companies during the last years. It initially started as a battle royale experience, and, throughout the years, Battlefield V moved towards a “games as live services” experience.

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