Bael Fruit Might Help You Control Diabetes Or Treat Ulcers

Bael has two meanings. It is either a demon or a close-to-panacea fruit. The demon is a king with the power to make men invisible. The fruit is called Aegle marmelos, aka Bengal quince, golden apple, bitter Japanese orange, stone apple, or wood apple. So, the Bael fruit has multiple personalities, a combination between an apple, a quince, and an orange.

Although, its form makes it look more like a pear. It is a large fruit, almost as large as a pomelo. Native across the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, bael trees are cultivated in Sri Lanka, Tamilnadu, Thailand, and Malesia.

About Bael

Hindus considered the bael tree to be sacred. So, it’s no wonder that scientists today would dedicate a study to it. The results seem to justify the Hindu belief that there was something sacred about it. The bael fruit has an impressive record of medicinal effects.

Bael fruit contains water, sugar, protein, fiber, fat, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, vitamins A, B, C, tannins, flavonoids, and coumarins. All these make bael fruit to be beneficial for several body parts: blood, heart, brain, stomach, gut, or microbiome.

Heath benefits of the Bael fruit

The heart and brain use it as a tonic. The blood uses it to lower the cholesterol levels, to arrest bleedings, and even to alleviate scurvy. Diabetes can be prevented or ameliorated. The microbiome uses it for its anti-fungal and anthelmintic properties, thus kicking out internal parasites from the body.

The gut benefits form its laxative power. The stomach is one of the bael fruit’s best friends. Digestion improves. Ulcer gets cured. Cholera treatment benefits from bael’s help, and the tannin found mostly in the rind of the fruit.

Bael fruit can be consumed ripe, dried, squeezed into juice or nectar, or as pulp powder. They can be cooked into puddings. Also, the leaves can be consumed as a green salad.

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