Pet Rescue Saga Update 1.234.9 Adds Fresh Content

Many people know King as the developer of the popular Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, which are played by millions of people from all over the world. Fans…

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The Steps Needed to Make the PS5 a Hit

With more than one hundred million units sold since release, the PS4 won the 8th generation battle by an impressive margin as Sony left Microsft and Nintendo in the dust….

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COVID-19 Is Apparently More Infectious in Wastewater than We Believed

COVID-19, which has already infected over 3.9 million individuals all over the globe, has been found to exist in wastewater, but scientists are not sure how high the risks of…

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Scientists Join Forces To Study Jupiter’s Atmosphere

The storms on Jupiter, the fifth planet from the Sun, are forty miles high and span over half the width of a continent. Regular winds are fast, and the equivalent…

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Coronavirus Doesn’t Reinfect Cured Patients, But They Can Still Test Positive

The coronavirus patients who recovered and later tested positive for the illness are still discharging dead lung cells. Fortunately, they’re not getting a new infection, according to the WHO. Until…

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