Washington, D.C.

How Patriot Funding Can Help Pave the Way for Tax Advantages

Although it may feel like this is the year that will never end, we are coming to the close of 2020. That means if you haven’t started thinking about your…

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New York City

Patriot Funding Helps You Battle Recession After the Lockdown

In only a few months, the nationwide lockdown triggered by the emergence of the coronavirus in the United States not only disrupted five years of economic progress but also created…

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United States flag

Patriot Funding Helps Consumers Before Next Stimulus Check

With the election over, millions of Americans hope the next stimulus check is just around the corner. After the approval of a new bill, a second round of economic relief…

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A closeup of American money

Georgetown Funding Offers Practical Tips to Cut Nationwide Impulse Spending

Do you tell other people you’re hopeless with money? You’ve come to this conclusion because you’re always broke and worry every time you swipe your credit card at a cash…

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New Year's Eve

Using Georgetown Funding to Get You Through the New Year

The American people have had no choice but to financially hang on through nearly the entirety of 2020 with little help from the federal government. Since many people are struggling…

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