Asphalt 8: Airborne Update 5.3.0m Brings New Events

As modern smartphones continue to become more powerful, they offer the ability to play games that can offer the same graphics quality and gameplay experience that is encountered on video game consoles.

Get behind the wheel and drive some of the most powerful and popular cars in the world as you burn rubber on exotic tracks. Master the cars and traverse impressive landscapes, ranging from the narrow streets of Tokyo to the hot and sunny Nevada Desert. Win races and climb up the leaderboards to earn excellent rewards.

Filled with cars and motorcycles

Hit the road and collect more than 220 dream cars and motorcycles that can be collected, driven and enjoyed. Hit the road in officially licensed vehicles, including iconic models like the Lamborhini Veneno, Ferarri LaFerarri, Tesla Model S, Nissan GT-R, and more. Each vehicle is modeled after its real-life counterpart.

Other racing titles may offer stock noises in their racing games, but Asphalt 8 features authentic high-fidelity motor sounds, which enhance the experience. Personalize your favorite vehicles with the help of more than 2,300 decals so you can look great while driving.

Going airborne

Pay close attention to the track during races and hit the ramps with your car or bike to perform impressive aerial stunts and soar above your opponents before you land and take the lead. Harness your position while in the air to improve your speed and gain an advantage.

With more than 40 tracks split across 16 regions, the driving experience remains fresh and exciting. Enjoy the original versions of the tracks or try your skill in mirror variants, which offer a refreshed challenge. The career mode features more than 400 events, and there are several multiplayer modes that will test your reflexes.

The 5.3.0m update comes with new events, fresh vehicles, and a few quality-of-life changes.

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