ARK Genesis: Where to Find the Bog Biome Glitches

Finding the Bog Biome Glitches in ARK Genesis may be tricky for a lot of gamers, and that’s where we are coming for lending a hand. As you continue your journey of in-game survival, knowing where the Bog Biome Glitches are can be very helpful. Furthermore, you’ll be rewarded with Hexagons as soon as you go to the locations that we’ll be pointing towards in this article.

Here’s our list of some of the locations for Bog Biome Glitches in ARK Genesis:

  • Go at Latitude 64.2 and Longitude 74.7, as you’ll find the glitch location under a huge tree.
  • Go at Latitude 72.5 and Longitude 76.6 for another glitch.
  • At Latitude 59.7 and Longitude 61.0 you’ll find a glitch on the top of an airship high in the sky.
  • Go at Latitude 73.1 and Longitude 84.9 to find a glitch on a platform area in the foggy swamp.
  • If you go under a tree stem, and on the ground of the swamp at Latitude 61.4 and Longitude 74.7, there’s another glitch there waiting for you.
  • A tree platform on the stems Latitude 71.8 and Longitude 69.4 will reveal to you another glitch.
  • A glitch location is present under a big structure from Latitude 83.5 and Longitude 60.6.
  • Another glitch is at Latitude 72.6 and Longitude 69.9, as it’s just at the start of a huge tree stem..
  • Latitude 67.2 and Longitude 78.2 is the location of a glitch at a ledge on the side of a mountain wall.
  • Latitude 69.9 and Longitude 77.0 and you’ll get a glitch on a huge tree stem located at Go .
  • A swampy area located at Latitude 57.3 and Longitude 84.7 harbors another glitch.

These are the most important locations, and surely they can help you a lot. Any gamer needs guidance at one point in life, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of the list!

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