Apple Will Use ARM Processors for New MacBook and MacBook Pro Models

Apple is hard at work on new MacBook Pro models, and they will come with a major change that could disappoint some users.

The new MacBook models will use processors made by ARM as it seems that the partnership between Intel and Apple may have come to an end. Such a change may be beneficial for the company, but an impressive effort will be needed to convince customers that the ARM-manufactured chips are as good as Intel’s offerings.

More than a hardware refresh

Apple is credited with the introduction of the sleek ultrabook form that has become popular in the industry, but the overall look of the MacBook has remained frozen in time for a long time. The decision to swap the classic function keys with the Touch Bar is the only major change in almost a decade. It promised the addition of new features that failed to materialize, including the presence of a secondary touch screen, which can be found on many laptops made by other manufacturers.

The only highlight of the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines that were released recently is the Magic Keyboard, a major improvement over the troublesome butterfly keyboard design that was plagued by several issues.

Pushing ARM-powered devices

While ARM enjoys prestige among technology aficionados, it will not be a surprise if many potential customers will be baffled by the change, especially since Intel remains incredibly popular among computer users despite the recent strides made by AMD in the market.

Apple will strive to make the transition seamless, and it is likely that this will not be a major challenge as its army of employees and dedicated developers will ensure that macOS and related software will run as smooth as butter even if new hardware is employed.

It remains to be seen if some of the other changes, including the use of mini-LED panels and other convenience changes will be enough to convince customers.


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