Apple Will Offer New Subscription Bundles From October

Apple has been hard at work on the development of a new set of bundles that will pack several of the premium services offered by the company at a more affordable monthly price. The information has been shared by sources within the company.

The bundles, which are known for now as Apple One, will be released in October along the new iPhone 12 line. The aim of these bundles is to encourage more owners of Apple devices to opt for a subscription, increasing the amount of reccuring revenue for Apple.

Multiple tiers

According to the sources, who asked to remain anonymous, several ties will be available. One of the base bundles will include Apple Music and Apple TV+, while a more expensive version will add the Apple Arcade gaming service. Higher tiers will include access to Apple News+  and additional iCloud storage space.

Some argue that the initiative is motivated by the amount of revenue which is earned by other companies who offer bundles, with Amazon Prime being the major example. Besides free shipping, Amazon Prime subscribers gain access to Prime Video, Prime Music, and the recently renamed Prime Gaming besides other perks.

Promising plan

Apple enjoys an impressive amount of dedicated fans who are already more than happy with the subscription services that already offered by the company. A new subscription service will offer virtual fitness classes on compatible Apple devices, and it will be a staple part of the high-tier budget devices.

The bundles will also be included in the Apple Family sharing system, which allows up to six members of a family to use a service. Some savings can be made by families who subscribe to the new bundles, ranging from $2 to $5 per month. Apple investors will be thrilled by the possibility of enhanced recurring revenue streams, and it is already believed that the new bundles will be a hit among fans of the company.

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