Apple Store Guidelines Block The Use Of Cloud Gaming Services

Cloud gaming has been on the rise in recent years as services like GeForce Now, and Google Stadia attracted the interest of millions of people. Microsoft will enter the fray in September with the launch of xCloud, adding another option on the market.

However, iOS fans will not have the option to enjoy any of the services mentioned above as they go against the strict guidelines imposed by Apple on the Google Store, which render the services unusable on iPhones or iPads.

Caught in restrictions

The lack of prominent cloud gaming services client apps on iOS has been a major clue for a while. Microsoft decided to end the beta testing for the xCloud app recently, despite the fact that the service will drop in more than a month on Android devices, with the launch being scheduled for September 15.

After a storm of complaints surfaced on the internet, Apple offered an official take on the matter via a press release. According to the company, cloud gaming services will not be available on the Apple Store since they offer access to apps which cannot be reviewed individually by the company.

Taking more heat

Microsoft also tackles the topic in a press release. The Redmond giant argues that Apple is the only smartphone manufacturer who rejects the opportunities provided by cloud gaming, as it is more than willing to offer a more lenient treatment to non-gaming apps. However, the company remains committed to finding a solution for bringing an xCloud app on iOS devices.

It can be argued that Apple has no way to review all the games that are provided on Stadia or xCloud since they must be reviewed in advance of allowing the app on the App Store. However, it seems to be more to the issue, as the company might not have anything to gain from a financial point of view since users can sign-in with an existing account, with Apple losing the 30% cut for subscription-based services.

While workarounds could be found, some users may be vexed that they don’t have access to something which is available freely across several platforms.


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