Apple Should Revamp Its App Store Politics

Apple has been quite successful in a large number of enterprises, but there is one sector of the company that seems to face constant backlash since the early days. The way in which the App Store is operated stands out in comparison to the overall beliefs and values of the company.

The topic sparks heated debates in the scientific community and it became hot again as Tim Cook, the CEO  of the Cupertino giant, answered questions related to concerns over antitrust practices. Many app developers were disappointed by the answers which were offered and complained about them on dedicated platforms.

A profitable platform

It can be said without a doubt that the Apple App Store has provided a steady stream of revenue for Apple and partner developers since the popular storefront was unleashed more than a decade ago. While app developers have enjoyed some benefits, it can be argued that Apple takes the lion’s share in the relationship.

The company highlighted several times in the past that the 30% cut has remained constant since the storefront was released, and it is even lower in some cases, with one being 15% from subscription revenue after the first year.

Enforcing the cut

All companies which sell digital goods on the App Store are forced to rely on the built-in payment system, which has been around since the glory days of the iTunes Store. Some app makers want to use their own systems, and this has lead to a large number of controversies.

Another reason for discontent comes fro the fact that the rules imposed by Apple allow it to negotiate deals on an individual basis, which is a great boon in the case of partnerships with major providers, with one key example being negotiations with Amazon.

Unless some changes are implemented, even some of the most popular developers may reach a tipping point and decide to leave iOS in favor of Android.

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