Apple Revamps The App Store Guidelines

Apple has faced a lot of heat due to the App Store guidelines in recent months, and it seems that the company has decided to make some changes in an attempt to appease some of the complaints made by app developers.

The biggest and most noticeable change is present in the form of a special rule or game streaming services in the vein of Stadia, GeForce Now and xCloud. They are now allowed on the App Store but in a form that may be a bit inconvenient for gamers.

New Rules

Apple will allow the streaming of video games as long as each game can be downloaded directly from the App Store and is also submitted for approval before it is offered to users. This would force Microsoft, Nvidia, and Google to create standalone streaming clients for each game they have to offer.

It is also worth noting that even as a standalone app, the games are covered by the general App Store guidelines, with Apple requiring the 30% cut, which leads to the current legal battle between eh Cupertino giant and Epic Games.

Other changes

Other changes include the fact that digital fitness or tutoring classes have to be billed with the use of the built-in payment system offered by Apple if they are available as one-to-few or one-to-many. One-on-one lessons are exempt from this rule, which could be a great boon for some developers.

The dispute with the company behind the popular Hey email app has been influential as a formal exception is now available for free apps which perform the role of a companion to a paid tool, a category which includes VOIP, cloud storage, email service, and web hosting applications, and the developers behind these apps don’t have to use the in-app purchase system offered by Apple for subscriptions.

The full changes are available on the official website for Apple developers.


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