Apple May Release A More Affordable Version Of The iPhone 12 in 2021

As the fall approaches, many Apple fans are looking forward to the next generation of iPhone; however, it seems that one of the iPhone 12 models will not be available before the first quarter of 2021.

A research note published by a trio of well-known analysts argues that a more affordable version of the iPhone 12, which won’t feature support for 5G, should be offered by the company at a later date. While initial expectations involved a mixed range of 4G and 5G capable devices, the context was changed by recent supply chain checks.

4G in the spring

It is thought that the 4G iPhone 12 version could be released in February, at a price that will be lower in comparison to the 5G models that should hit the market by the end of September. The model should come with an $800 price tag.

Apple may also opt to skip price increases this year as it plans to maximize the number of sold units. Some of the 5G models could be available for less than $1000, and the others will have a price that is similar to the one of the iPhone 11 Pro.

Boosting sales

Apple has been striving to boost sales in recent years, and one of the strategies is focused on the development and delivery of affordable alternatives. For example, the iPhone 11 was cheaper by $50 in comparison to the iPhone XR, and it became the most popular smarthone in the world during the first quarter of 2020.

Four iPhone 12 versions should be released in the fall, and all of them will include support for 5G according to recent reports. New size options and a refreshed design are also rumored. The exact day for the reveal remains a mystery for now, and the devices will ship at a later date due to issues cause the COVID-19 pandemic.

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