Apple is working on a revamped iPad Mini

Apple has been hard at work in recent months, despite the problems which are posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Several products have been released to critical acclaim, and fans are debating many rumors related to a device that could be announced in the future.

The iPad Mini was one of the most popular iPad ranges sold by Apple, as it offered the opportunity to enjoy an iOS tablet without the need to spend a lot of money on one of the more expensive models, paving the way into the Apple ecosystem for lots of people.

A surprise revival

Despite the popularity of the iPad Mini, Apple seemed to abandon the range after the fourth generation was released, a move that disappointed many iPad Mini fans who hoped that revised versions would be released on a yearly basis, an approach that has worked well for iPhones.

A surprise resurrection took place in 2019 when the iPad Mini 4 was brought back on the market with a few minor alterations, as Apple seemed to gauge the interest in the range. While the device didn’t come with any major innovations, fans rushed to buy it, proving that the Mini remains a popular choice for a sizable segment of the market.

A revamped version in the making

According to reliable sources, Apple is developing two iPad models. One will sport a 10.8-inch panel while another one will have a smaller 8.5 to 9-inch screen. It is believed that the version with the smaller screen will be a refreshed iPad Mini.

Previous iterations of the iPad Mini offered a 7.9-inch panel, and the increased size could affect the portability for which the device is known. However, it is likely that the larger screen size will be achieved by trimming the bezels around the display. An edge-to-edge display similar to the one present on the iPad Pro would be a major boon.

A possible announcement could arrive in 2021.

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