Apple Fans Use The New Xbox App To Stream Games On Their Devices

Microsoft has been hard at work on an update for the Xbox App, and the latest version is now available for iOS and iPadOS devices across the world.

One of the new features is the ability to stream a game from your Xbox One console to an iPhone or iPad thanks to remote play. While the feature does require ownership or access to an Xbox One console, it can be quite handy for those who want to game on smaller screens.

Compatible with the next generation

People who want to purchase a next-generation Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console will be happy to learn that the app is also compatible with them. However, due to design limitations, there is no way to use it with older Xbox models, including the Xbox 360.

An interesting boon is represented by the ability to access the Xbox console via a 5G or LTE connection, which means that gamers will have the option to access the console and play games even if they aren’t at home.

New perks

Their lots of other features that have been added to the app, and some were designed to enhance and improve the experience on the upcoming Xbox consoles. For example, you can share a fun or exciting gameplay highlight or screenshot with a few taps, as well as manage storage space and delete old games.

It is worth noting that remote play is different from xCloud, which remains out of reach on Apple devices since the company has imposed strict guidelines related to cloud gaming, and many service providers argue that they are to harsh. For example, each game available on the service has to be listed in the form of a separate app which has to be reviewed by Apple. Microsoft has criticized these rules in the past.

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