Apple confirms transition to custom silicon at WWDC

Apple has confirmed one of the most anticipated rumors related to the future of its computers at WWDC. The company will replace the chips made by Intel with custom-made processors based on an architecture licensed from ARM.

Developers will have the ability to begin the porting process for their apps soon, and the first machines that will feature the new silicon will arrive by the end of Q4 2020, marking the start of a two-year transition period. Several reasons for the transition have been offered, easing some of the concerns associated with the process.

Aiming for maximum performance

For a long time, SoCs designed by Apple have given iPhone and iPads an impressive edge over the competition, especially when the option to receive extended updates is involved. SoCs made by Apple has established industry-leading benchmarks, and the transition will create a common architecture in the Apple ecosystem, facilitating the development of useful tasks or all Apple devices.

During the event, Apple has also showcased macOS Big Sur, a major upgrade for the macOS, which comes with major improvements and includes the stepping stones that are needed for the transition.

Helping the developers

Developers will be happy to learn that Apple wants to make the transition as smooth as possible. A Universal App Quick Start Program, an initiative that includes access to useful documentation, forums, macOS beta versions, and Xcode 12 along with the Developer Transition Kit. (or DTK). The DTK is based on the A12Z Bionic SoC.

With the help of the new architecture, Apple promises superior performance per watt as well as access to high-end GPUs. This will allow developers to create superior enterprise-grade apps and high-quality video games, which is a major boon. Access to technology like the Neural Engine will also improve development processes that rely on machine learning. End-users will also have the option to run Linux on their machines, thanks to virtualization technology.

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