Apple Bans Facebook Update Which Would Have Mentioned The 30% Cut

While the 30% cut for in-app payments has been a staple of the App Store for years, it seems that the number of disgruntled developers and companies continues to grow at a fast pace.

After Epic Games raised waves by suing Apple for the removal of Fortnite from the App Store, it seems that there is bad blood between the Cupertino giant and Facebook, after the former rejected a Facebook update which informed users that Apple takes a 30% cut from in-app payments regardless of their scope.

Clash over information

Facebook has worked on the introduction of a digital ticket system that would help owners of small and medium developers to hold special online events and raise money to survive the dire economic consequences of the pandemic. The notice would have allowed ticket buyers to know that a cut will go towards Apple.

According to Facebook, the company asked Apple to make an exception from the rule to allow business owners to collect more revenue from the event, but Apple refused. The notice would have explained why the owners don’t get all the money collected from sold tickets.

No exceptions

Apple blocked the update that would have mentioned the information, citing an App Store rule which prevents developers from sharing information that is deemed to be irrelevant in the eyes of the company. An image shared by Facebook earlier in the August showed the notice present near the pay button.

Within a press statement offered to a popular news agency, Facebook underlined the fact that transparency is a must in these difficult times and noted that the information would be available in the Facebook app in a different way, which remained unexplained.

Even well-known service providers can’t mention in the App Store description that users have the option to pay for services like Spotify or Netflix by accessing their official websites.


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