Android 11 Release Date Leaked – Update for Google Pixel phones

The beta version of Android 11 was released just a month ago. Because of that, we are not waiting for a new update very, very soon. In its first Developer Preview of Android 11, Google has just made its release timeline public. They have also mentioned that the first two beta releases for Android 11 will come out in June, respectively July, but the next releases of the operating system will only appear in the third quarter of the year. It is clear that Google wanted the release date to remain vague, but they might have just made it public by accident.

Recently, Google published a video for the “Hey Google” Smart Home Summit. In one of the slides of the presentation, some things were mentioned that have to be done by the developers before there is a clear release date. The revealing slide is known as “Checklist for 8 September Android 11 Launch”. The exact date is not highly surprising, especially considering the fact that the previous version of Android was launched on 3 September 2019. We were fully aware that the launch was going to be sometime during this Fall, but now we can put an exact date on it: 8 September.

The very same date has another meaning: that is when we can expect the source code to be uploaded on the Android Open Source Project, abbreviated as AOSP. At the same time, we can also hope for the release of the Compatibility Definition Document. Google is sure to release the final Android 11 update for Google Pixel phones, such as Pixel 1, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and even Pixel 4, all on 8 September. It is clear that many more devices will have this version of Android installed in the near future, but, for now, we do not know which and when.

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