An Old Dead Island 2 Build Has Been Leaked Online

The original Dead Island was one of the most popular zombie games of its time, selling more than five million copies in less than two years. While critics mentioned that some aspects of the game could have been better, the title received positive reviews and was a hit among gamers thanks to its co-op mode, which allowed up to four people to play together.

Many anticipated that a sequel would be released soon. Still, the development of Dead Island 2 ran into trouble after the studio, which made the first game left to pursue a different project.

Troubled development

Deep Silver, the owner of the IP and publisher of the first game, decided to recruit the popular Yager Development studio to handle the sequel. Dead Island 2 was announced at E3 2014 and promised a new setting where players could battle zombies and employ new weapons and mechanics.

However, the relationship between Deep Silver and Yager Development became tense, and the publisher decided to remove the studio from the project. A playable build of the game has been uploaded on a popular online platform, and it shows a glimpse at what Yager may have done.

More than rough

As expected from a playable development build, there are more than a few rough edges as Yager was far from completing the game when Deep Silver decided to cancel the deal and bring in Sumo Digital to handle the project.

The build is dated one month before the deal was canceled, and there is a bit of content. There are three playable locations,  a selection of characters and classes and the co-op feature, which doesn’t work since it is not connected to an active server. According to a statement released by the boss of Yager at that time, creative differences between Yager and Deep Silver led to the break of the partnership.

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