AMD Will Showcase Ryzen Zen 3 And RDNA2 Architectures In October

AMD is preparing to hold two key presentations in October as the company will showcase new consumer-grade products, with the new Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPU architectures being anticipated by fans, as some hope that they will offer substantial performance gains.

The CPU division will reveal the Ryzen Zen 3 architecture on October 8, highlighting a fresh range of Zen-3. Radeon’s RDNA 2 GPU architecture will be presented on October 28, and AMD has already announced that Radeon RX 6000 series graphics card will also be released soon.

Shrouded in secrecy

Since hype is an important part of any reveal, even AMD tried really hard to share only a few essential things about the two architectures. Zen 3 will benefit from an improved version of TSMC’s 7nm process, which is likely to be the N7P.

Graphics cards based on the upcoming RDNA 2 architecture will also feature support for DirectX 12 Ultimate, which means that significant changes will take place. A major highlight is represented by ray tracing and variable rate shading for upcoming GPUs as well as a targeted performance increase of 50% per watt, which would make the cards more competitive.

Hard rivals

While the new Ampere architecture revealed by Nvidia was deemed by many to be impressive before the official reveals, the performance jump was even more significant than expected as the RTX 3070 as faster than the popular RTX 2080 Ti while also being more affordable.

After what some call a few disappointing years, Intel is also quite determined to make a strong comeback as AMD became more popular by offering powerful CPUs at a more affordable price, as well as impressive enthusiast-grade products which offer superb performance, prompting Intel to invest more into research& development for the next generation of chips.

What will be announced in October remains to be seen, but AMD’s future is bright.


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