Amazon plans to enter eSports with Crucible

Amazon continues to expand into several industries, and video games are the current target of the massive corporation.

The in-house Amazon Game Studios have been hard at work on the first Triple-A game that will be released on March 2020. Crucible will hit the market as a free-to-play PC exclusive inspired by some of the most popular eSports titles of the present, among which we can count Apex Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch and Riot’s upcoming Valorant

Fresh approach

The experience has been summarized as a free-to-play action-based shooter where the gameplay is open and influenced by the choices made by players. At the start of a match, players will select their favorite Hunter and enter the fray. Team-coordination and the ability to select the right choices for your characters during the level-up will lead to dynamic matches where the tides can change dramatically.

Each Hunter comes with unique skills that will differentiate them and offer variety. Thre game modes will also be available, and they seem to be quite interesting.

Heart of the Hives will pit 8 players in a 4vs4 match where they will have to outsmart AI-powered enemies. In Alpha Hunters, eight teams of two players will compete in a battle royale setting, with the last team standing being crowned winners. Harvester Command seems to be inspired by MOBAs as two teams of 8 players will venture into contest sections of the map o gather essence. During the match, players will level-up and unlock new abilities.

Aggressive promotion

The way in which Valorant was promoted on Twitch was quite impressive , as thousands of viewers accessed Valorant streams for a chance to gain a coveted beta key that would net the access into the game, which remains in the beta stage for now.

Since Amazon owns Twitch, it is likely that it will promote Crucible aggressively once the game is released on the market. Crucible also has the advantage of the launch date, since it does not need to compete with other high-profile eSports launches, a great boon for a competitive game.

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