Amazon Luna Is Flawed From The Start

The announcement of Amazon Luna might have been unexpected at first, but cloud gaming has become quite popular in recent years and investing in the segment while it is still relatively young has been an attractive goal for many companies.

However, Luna doesn’t seem to bring anything that is remarkable on the table while also facing many of the same limitations that affect cloud gaming today. With no notable features that could give it an edge against the competition, it faces a difficult road.

No exclusives

The presence of exclusive titles on a platform isn’t mandatory, but it can play a big role in its popularity, with an obvious example being Google Stadia. Amazon has managed to secure a deal with Ubisoft, but the renowned publisher is present on every major streaming service, including Stadia and GeForce Now.

While GeForce Now is quite popular without having timed deals, Nvidia enjoyed a major headstart as the service spent significant time in a closed beta stage before a commercial version was released earlier in 2020. Amazon may also opt to release first-party titles as exclusives, but even those will lack weight.

Like an afterthought

Exclusive titles aside, Luna feels more like something that was done to tick an entry on a check-list and move forward to other things. Twitch integration could make Luna more popular among video games streaming fans, but deals with publishers are needed to be able to distribute and grant access to popular video games.

With cloud gaming here to stay, the potential is present. But Amazon will have to spend a hefty amount of money on Luna to boost its popularity during the early days, especially since there are so many alternative choices that are already on the market and fully functional.

Only time will tell what will happen in the long run.



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