Aliens Could Have Explored The Earth Already, According to Scientists

Our galaxy could be overflowing with interstellar alien communities, according to new research. We can’t figure it out because they didn’t visit us in almost 10 million years.

The analysis indicated that intelligent extraterrestrial life could be taking its time to venture the galaxy, controlling star systems’ movement to realize star-hopping more accessible. The study comes as a response to a question dubbed the Fermi Paradox, which demands why we haven’t identified signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Moreover, the paradox was first examined by physicist Enrico Fermi, who famously asked: “Where is everybody?” Fermi is known for questioning the possibility of exploration between stars, but since then, his inquiry has come to be surrounded by doubt.

The new research provides various perspectives on that question. Alines maybe don’t rush because they are strategic, the authors indicate. Jonatha Caroll-Nellenback, a computational scientist and the research’s lead author, gave a detailed statement.

Scientists Stated That Aliens Could Have Explored The Earth Already

Fermi said: “If you don’t account for the motion of stars when you try to solve this problem, you’re basically left with one of two solutions. Either nobody leaves their planet, or we are, the only technological civilization in the galaxy.”

Stars (and the planets close to them) orbit the center of the galaxy in various ways ar different ranges. As they do that, they sometimes pass each other, Carroll-Nellenback suggested.

So aliens could be only waiting for their upcoming travel to come closer to them, Nellenback’s research indicates. Such a fact would mean that civilizations would take more to establish across the stars than measured before.

Moreover, they might not contact us yet – or maybe they reached us, long before humans start their process of evolution. Researchers began to seek to answer the Fermi Paradox in many ways, currently.

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