Alberta and New Brunswick Announce the Removal of Some Restrictions


Alberta will remove the restrictions tied to non-essential surgery, and several medical services will also be available soon. Retail businesses will be open from May 14, but restaurants and coffee shops will be limited at half of the capacity.

Several Canadian provinces have announced new strategy plans as some of the restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be removed or adjusted, with further changes likely in the following months.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick will initiate the second phase of the recovery plan, which involves the opening of daycares, retail centers, office buildings, restaurants, museums, and libraries. However, certain restrictions will be imposed to prevent the spread of the virus from potential patients. People can gather outdoors as long as the total number of participants is at ten or below, and social distancing rules are respected.


Several services are already available in Manitoba as citizens can visit health offices. Retail business is also along with museums and libraries, but the occupancy rate must remain under 50% at all times. Several outdoor places, including parks, playgrounds, and sports courts are also open. Other businesses will become available after June 1, when the second phase will begin.


Non-essential retail stores will have the ability to offer curbside pickup services. Garden centers and nurseries are already open, along with hardware and safety supply stores. All the stores must follow strict hygiene standards and allow customers to pay via contactless methods. Access to sanitary consumables must also be provided at all times.


The local government has announced a five-step plan, with the first phase being already active as citizens can visit dentists, optometrists, and other healthcare professionals. Golf grounds and campgrounds are also open. During the second phase, retail business and saloons will resume their activity, while restaurants and gyms are included in phase 3. Arenas, swimming centers, and playgrounds will be open during phase 4. Public gatherings may be allowed in phase 5, but several factors will be taken into account before a decision is announced.

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