AirPods Pro Lite And New MacBook Pro Will Reportedly Launch In May

Leaks are showing that the giant Cupertino is planning on releasing an upgraded version of their highly appreciated AirPods Pro Lite in the forthcoming month. In addition to this, the most waited version of the MacBook Pro featuring a 13-inch display is rumored to be released during the same period.

A report from DigiTimes has reported in February that the company is working on the AirPods Pro Lite. Back then, there was not much to tell about the upcoming products, and the only thing that was known for sure was Apple’s intention to shift several factories from China to Taiwan.

During the following report, DigiTimes claimed that the company is still working on producing a cheaper version of AirPods despite the ongoing pandemic and the social distancing measures. Jon Prosser has backed up the rumors on his Tweeter page.

AirPods Pro Lite and MacBook Pro to Launch in May Reportedly

There were no specifications regarding the price range, neither about the possible AirPods Pro Lite name. Rumors are stating that the AirPods are going to feature the same design as their more expensive version, but shorter stems and no noise-canceling feature. This will enable a more budget-friendly price for these devices.

The Tweet posted by the insider also mentions the cancellation of the March event, which was canceled because of the ongoing pandemic. Prosser is confident that all the products that were supposed to be announced at the event will still be available on the market sooner or later.

This was the case of iPhone SE 2020, and AirPods Pro Lite and the MacBook Pro are on their way to be available for purchase soon. The upcoming MacBook Pro will feature a 13-inch display, as well as a CPU upgrade and Apple’s Magic Keyboard. Additionally, Apple may soon launch their over-ear headphones, whose price will be rated at $350. The version has been under development since 2018.

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