Adobe Lightroom Update 5.3.1 Brings Option To Create Image Variants

Millions of smartphone owners love to shoot photos with the help of their mobile devices and to enhance them by using popular photo editing apps. One of the most popular choices across the world is the mobile version of Adobe Lightroom.

The app comes with a variety of tools that make image editing a pleasure, including easy-to-use sliders, a convenient re-touch feature, excellent photo features, and so much more. Enjoy the experience of a professional-grade tool in the palm of your hand.

The world is your studio

Install the app, and your phone becomes a photo editing studio without the hassle to watch tutorials. Interact with sliders to alter light, color, and shadow balance, which play an important role in creating an attractive image. Optimize the ratios to obtain an image that attracts attention and highlights the traits of what was captured.

Crop and Rotate options will offer the ability to customize the image and remove unnecessary objects with a few fast taps. The geometry slider can be used to shift the perspective on a specific object of interest.

Loaded with features

Perfection can be found in small details, and with Adobe Lightroom, every image will be impressive. Use the healing brush to repair any issue related to the image and find the perfect hue and saturation levels with the hue adjustment tool. Interactive tutorials and fun tips will help you to learn how to use the app in a few minutes without the need to watch extended videos for basic features.

Presets add an additional layer of customization with the choice to use existent presets or create new ones from scratch to obtain beautiful photos. Adobe Sensei relies on an advanced AI algorithm to sort your images in specific categories.

The 5.3.1 updates comes with the option to create several image version that can be compared. The watermark feature has been upgraded, and notifications will be shown for images shared on the Discovery section.


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