A US Lab Is Looking For COVID-19 Antibodies In Former Patients

A new project has been announced by an American healthcare company that has been working on an experimental test. The test aims to detect antibodies that might be present in the bodies of former COVID-19 patients who recovered from the infection. An initial batch of 1 million tests should be ready for shipping by the end of this week.

The tests will be distributed to laboratories across the country and use in conjuncture with equipment provided by the same company. Up to 200 tests can be conducted per hour. According to a press statement offered by the laboratory, 4 million tests will be produced by the end of April, with the number reaching 20 million by the June.

It is worth noting that Abbot Laboratories is one of the biggest companies that have started to produce antibody tests. The sheer number of tests that can be manufactured will offer a breath of fresh air, especially since the market has been flooded by fake or inaccurate tests that were rushed with the aim to make quick profits.

The new study on the COVID-19 antibodies

Antibody tests are quite valuable since they can trace antibodies that can defend the body against the infection. Such tests are essential since researchers can harness the data collected with their help to work on new drugs and vaccines which can boost the chance to control the pandemic and limit the appearance of new cases in the run.

The same data can also be used by the government to explore the potential of an area to become a hotspot for infection and take preemptive measures in advance, among which we can count the implementation of curfews and lockdowns.

The CDC has also been hard at work on the development of an antibody test, which is already in use. Many academic medical centers are already elaborating immunity studies that explore the risks associated with coronavirus and COVID-19 in a variety of situations.

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