A Startup Will Revive The BlackBerry Brand

In the age, before the touchscreen smartphones rose, the glory BlackBerry used to rule the mobile world, offering devices that sold extremely well and were desired by millions of people as they were great devices and a status symbol which let other people know that you are doing well.

The arrival of smartphones with big touchscreens instead of hardware keyboards sparked a revolution in the mobile world as a smartphone manufacturer from all over the world raced to provide the biggest and newest models as fast as possible.

Falling from grace

Despite the fact that Research In Motion, as the company behind BlackBerry was known at that time, offered a superior security suite, excellent email services, and reliable functionality, a few mistakes were made in an attempt to remain competitive while hoping that people would wait until delayed products arrive.

In 2016 RIM decided to shut down its smartphone division while continuing to offer services for corporate and government agencies. An initial revival was attempted when a Chinese technology manufacturer known as TLC licensed the BlackBerry brand and released a handful of devices across international and limited markets.

Second Coming

An American startup has managed to acquire the BlackBerry license and announced the release of a 5G device in 2021. The company mentioned that the iconic physical keyboard would be present, along with a high-performance camera sensor and the same level of security, which cemented the reputation of the brand.

The aim of the company is to deliver a device that can be used for everyday tasks while also providing top-grade privacy and security features, which seem to become more important in a world where many enterprises are interested in obtaining your data and selling t to the highest bidder.

It is estimated that the first model manufactured by the new company will arrive in 2021.

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