A Renowned Analysts Anticipates Some of The Announcements That Will be Made at WWDC

Apple’s WWDC is just around the corner, with fans from all over the world looking forward to the announcements that will be made at the event. As always, the internet rumor factory is always hard at works, and there are some ideas related to what could be announced at the event.

Early reports have signaled a transition from towards ARM-powered Macs, which should be one of the main topics that will be presented at the WWDC. A well-known analyst has also shared his opinions related to some of the potential announcements.

Massive design shifts

The iMac line will receive a massive redesign, and it will be the last to feature chips made by Intel. A full transition to ARM will begin by the end of Q4 2020, with the spearhead being the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro. It is estimated that an updated iMac with a 24-inch panel and trimmed bezels will make the jump to ARM at the same time.

According to the analyst, the ARM Macs will feature a performance gain of up to 100% by using the faster silicon which is designed in-house by Apple’s engineers

Moving tides

Some sources believe that Apple will release the revamped iMac at some point in Q3 2020, while the ARM version should come in 2021. While the transition should be mentioned at the WWDC, it is unlikely that Apple will share any hardware changes, at least for now.

The fate of the Intel-based 13.3-inch MacBook Pro remains a mystery for now, but it is likely that the line will be retired once the ARM version will arrive on the market. A MacBook with a new form factor could also be mentioned, with release windows for Q2 or Q3 2020. It might be the long-awaited 12-inch MacBook, but this is unclear at this point.

It remains to be seen what will be confirmed by Apple at WWDC.

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