A New Leak Confirms A Redesigned MacBook Is In The Works

MacBook fans were surprised when Apple announced at the WDDC that it would swap the chips provided by Intel with new ones that are developed in-house and based on the popular ARM architecture.

Eagle-eyed internet users have spotted several fillings made by Apple in China and Denmark and seem to be related to a new device that will feature a 49.9 watt per hour battery. The discoveries are quite interesting, especially since they were filled by the Cupertino giant.

A flurry of debates

Debates started as soon as the documents were leaked on the internet as fans debate the possible device that is in the making. A 4,380 mAh battery is also mentioned in the documents and a major source of fiery theories. Some argue that it is too small to be usable for a laptop, but this may not be the case.

Tech-savvy users have pointed out that the light battery could be used for a new version of the MacBook Air, as the 13-inch model comes with a 5,100 mAh battery and the same 49.9 watts per hour wattage that was mentioned above.

Powered by ARM?

The use of a battery with a lower capacity suggests that some components may have been optimized or altered to boost overall performance. Some speculate that the fillings may pave the way for the development and release of the first MacBook with an ARM-based processor.

As Apple promised, developers already have access to Mac Mini developer Transition Kits, a fact which reinforces the possible release of an ARM-based macOS device by the end of 2020. The release of a fully-redesigned laptop would be more refreshing and attractive instead of a rehashed version of the MacBook Air, which was released by Apple in March.

Only time will tell if a new machine will materialize, but existing hints are quite promising.

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