A New Leak Anticipates a Major Update for the 2021 MacBooks

Despite Apple’s best efforts, the 2020 lineup of MacBook and MacBook Pros has bee a bit far from being impressive. The most important change was the replacement of the maligned butterfly keyboard with the Magic Keyboard, bringing joy to the heart of millions of customers.

On the hardware side, Apple crammed enough tech to argue that the MacBooks are a bit more powerful than the previus iteration, which is far from being attractive when older models remain competitive and come with a better price tag.

New panel technology

One of the most common complaints related to the recent MacBook generations is tied to the fact that the design has remained stagnant for several years. Many competitors played with the shapes of their devices, offering screens that maximize the usable area while also becoming thin and stylish.

According to a popular technology analyst, Apple plans to release a large number of devices in 2021 and most of the high-end variants will come with a mini-LED panel, with one being present on the MacBook Pro.

A larger screen and better quality

Panels, which include mini-LED technology, are superior for several reasons, most of them being related to the ability to display better images. Contrast ratio and brightness are higher, and the blacks have more depth and intensity. They are also more power-efficient and aren’t as likely to be affected by burn-in.

It is thought that Apple will release six products that make use of mini-LED technology in 2021, with 14-inch and a 16-inch MacBook Pros being two of them. The jump to a slightly larger screen has been anticipated by many for this year, and there was a lot of disappointment when Apple revealed the 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro recently.

Even more, changes could take place as select voices argue that the 2021 MacBook generation could carry processors made by ARM, which would be a major shift.

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