A Massive Crocodile Ate Dinosaurs In The Past

A team of researchers has uncovered new information about Deinosuchus, also known as the terror crocodile. The massive creatures were quite impressive, as it could be as long as a bus, and it preyed on dinosaurs that went too close to waterways.

Deinosuchus crocodiles lived in North America and are thought to be the top carnivore predator found in its favorite ecosystem during the late Cretaceous period, which ranges between 82 to 75 million years in the past. A fully developed individual could reach a length of more than 33 feet.

Vicious hunters

New data notes that Deinosuchus were the bane of dinosaurs who went to waterways to sate their thirst. Besides the ability to kill dinosaurs, the vicious creatures were interested in any creature that could be found near them as researchers found bite marks on several turtle shells.

At least three species of Deinosuchus lived in what are modern-day U.S. and Mexico, with two species dominating the western areas while another one favored coastal areas near the Atlantic. While the name infers that they are crocodiles, the large skulls of the creatures gave them an aspect that is different from alligators and crocodiles.

Unusual skull

According to the researchers, the snout features inflation near the nose, and this trait hasn’t been encountered in the case of other crocodilians. There are also two holes near the tip of the snout, and their purpose has puzzled researchers.

The discovery of such fossils contradicts past claims, which argued that crocodilians did not change in time. Many of the ancestors of the current crocodilian are very different in comparison to contemporary crocodiles and dinosaurs. The discovery of new fossils offers valuable information about the way in which the animals changed and evolved in time.

Further research will take place, and the study has been published in a scientific journal.

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