Conspiracy Theory — Brian Cox Was Nervous Talking About The Moon Landing In A BBC Footage

A supposedly significant achievement was recorded on July 20th, 1969, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped on the Moon for the first time. The event marked the end of…

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Canadian Laser From The OSIRIS–REx Spacecraft Maps Asteroid Bennu

NASA’s spacecraft OSIRIS-Rex has onboard the Canadian laser technology that is mapping the Asteroid Bennu through space. The asteroid is practically in the phase of extraction or a landing. The…

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The Mysterious Discovery of 42 Skeletons in the Rural U.K.

A mysterious discovery in the rural U.K, where a team of builders where excavating for the construction of a retirement community. The excavations are bringing to light 42 skeletons with…

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alien life

Alien Life Might Exist On Rocky Exoplanets Around White Dwarf Stars

Why is it that astronomers are so obsessed to find whether there was alien life on another planet or if there is a rocky exoplanet that would ever be able…

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Researchers Shed More Light On The Behavior Of Pulsars

Pulsars have remained a source of fascination for many astronomers due to some of their unique quirks. They are exhausted stars that spin at a surprisingly stable speed. This trait…

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