Stargazers Noticed New Type of Northern Lights Or Aurora

A new type of the northern lights, or aurora, has been observed by some amateur observers, recently. The occurrence of glowing green night breaking across the night sky, also known as the aurora borealis. The event succeeded to captivate experts and the public for much time.

Some astronomers said the lights that they’re portrayed in prehistoric cave paintings. Also, the Latin term is believed to have been spread by the astronomer Galileo Galilei. Auroras are made when charged fragments, such as electrons, are dismissed by the Sun and redirected to Earth’s poles by our planet’s magnetic field. When they arrived there, they communicate with gases in the atmosphere, including nitrogen and oxygen, boosting the energy of these gases.

Until now, the northern lights have been observed in many shapes, sometimes dubbed as “quiet arcs,” corona, or spirals. Currently, however, thanks to the activity of amateur practitioners, Minna Palmroth and her team detailed an earlier type, a shape they believed is similar to some dunes.

Stargazers Noticed New Type of Northern Lights Or Aurora

The identifying resurfaced when Minna Palmroth from the University of Helsinki was asked to join a Facebook team for aurora enthusiasts to describe the science behind the various types of the event. As part of the mission, Palmroth asked a group of citizen scientists to shoot pictures of specific forms.

That lets Palmroth and colleagues establish the altitude and other aspects of the event, such as the spacing between the ‘wrinkles of the “dunes.’ “[The waves] have different frequencies, different wavelengths, different amplitudes and [so] to observe something very even, like the dunes, means that there has to be some active mechanism which is making them so even,” detailed Palmroth.

She also revealed that the mechanism could be an odd phenomenon named a mesospheric bore, whereby a specific wave is separated and bent, letting it move horizontally between two layers in the sky.

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