3D Printing Helps Scientists to Understand The Dinosaurs Behavior

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is combining paleontology with 3D technology. The new research is happening under the surveillance of Amy Kowalchuk, who works as a 3D technician for replicating dinosaurs’ specimens.

The first replicated exhibit is a jaw bone from a million years old fossil. Once again, advanced technology is coming to help scientists discover and explore the hidden secrets of ancient animals. Of course, all the fossils are very fragile, so everything they use must be treated with caution.

The 3D technician, Amy Kowalchuk, is spending all of her time in the museum laboratory with camera and lens, for trying to build a digital blueprint of some exhibitions. Practically, her task is to take a lot of pictures from multiple angles, and after that job is complete, a program is taking over. The role of the computer program is to triangulate the photos and release a 3D model.

How can 3D printing help scientists understand the dinosaurs’ behavior

Using 3D technology will help the museum to expose most of the magnificent findings and to continue the research of other paleontologists. For example, they have used the Tyrannosaur specimen, which has 41 delicate pieces and is now available in a 3D replica. By using this technology, they are also studying the brain and skulls of the dinosaurs for continuing Francois Therrien’s work on the dinosaur’s behavior.

Besides this, for the paleontologists is essential to find out how the dinosaurs hunted. So the hard work is mainly on the reconstruction of the brain structure or shape. What they are practically doing is to use the skulls or bones they have and turn latex inside. From there, they will peel out the latex and cast a brain shape cavity. The brain cavity will be born by using 3D technology.

Finally, the Royal Tyrrell Museum is not the only museum that started to use 3D technology. The news is exciting because, with the technology and the implication of the paleontologists from all over the world, a lot of new things will be found.

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