SpaceX Shut Down The Dragon 1 Capsule

The SpaceX Dragon 1 cargo capsule was recovered after it splashed down in the Pacific Ocean. It brought more than 4,000 pounds of scientific experiments and other items that will…

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Facebook Tips: How to Block and Unblock Users

Facebook is one of the most praised social media platforms so far. People can connect with their friends, loved ones, and relatives, and share their experiences. There are lots of…

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How To Turn On The WhatsApp Dark Mode

One of the most used socializing platforms these days, and not only, is WhatsApp. Recently, more and more platforms are upgrading their apps and facilitate the use of dark mode…

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PlayStation Now April: Sony brings New and FREE PlayStation Plus Games

PlayStation Now is a six years old cloud gaming subscription service developed by Sony. The service made many gamers happy, as it can stream PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation…

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Best Tamagotchi Alternatives Available on Smartphones

The Tamagotchi alternatives are the best games that an animal lover could play. The broad public appreciates these apps because they offer their users a real-life experience of how to…

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